Makeup & Selfies: What I do when I have some spare time and I’m bored + a short history behind it

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When I feel I haven’t had makeup for some time and the day is really boring & I have nothing else to do… I pull out my makeup brushes and other makeup stuff so I can practice/experiment with my face. LMAO

Even as a kid, my MUM would paint my face with makeup! Yes, my mom was my first makeup artist haha!

Bebejaz on Kindergarten graduation day (guessing it's is in 1991)

Bebejaz on Kindergarten graduation day (guessing it’s in 1991)

My make up WTF! DWCL Foundation day.. My baton flag twirling days.. hahaha!

My makeup… WTF! DWCL Foundation day with my sister and cousins. Ah! My baton flag twirling days.. hahaha!

While growing up… I used to just watch my Tita Tanya put on some makeup. Baka matuto daw ako sa katitingin ko sa kanya habang nagme-makeup. I can recall that she had this blue liquid eyeliner which she applied on my lids – and I loved it! It sparked my interest more…

Although I didn’t put much makeup on my face too frequently back in HS and College, my liking for makeup didn’t just fizzle out. I would sometimes order lipstick and eyeshadow palettes from Avon so I have a makeup kit of my own (college days). The only makeup nightmare I’ve had was when I was on a “trying-to-moving-on-but-still-in-denial-and-can’t-get-over-a-break-up” stage at the age of 18-ish – that was my first official heartbreak! Ate Maricel, a co-worker of mine at Baker’s Plaza knows about this (LOL)! Oh man! I looked liked a spaced out, teary-eyed emogirl with very thick eyeliner while tending the cash register! Yikes! I called it makeup theraphy back then… now I call it makeup nightmare/disaster! ahahaha…

Mommy Lou also played an important role in my knowledge and application skills for make up. She would try all sorts of branded and never-heard (because I have no knowledge of and I’ve never really heard of the brand before) cosmetics and makeup techniques on me – I was her canvas. hihi! We watched makeup tutorials on Youtube. I believe I have lots of photos of those too in Facebook… but too many to post here. I haven’t done any recent ones but these photos I inserted here are from last year’s (I just saw these now after months have passed and I again scoured my lappy for pictures to post on this blog. hihi)


My face powder doesn’t match my skintone (pfft!) but Hey! we should make most out of what we have :) haha whatevz! Used an earthy tone eye makeup for this look – morena gal ;)


Eyes all sparkly. OMG, I miss this hair!


Selfie addictus – well, that was before… let’s just say that the narcissism level went down a notch. hihi *click click*


#Selfie pa more Gusto mo yan eh! haha

Past Makeup videos



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