Vlog: My baby has cradle cap or eczema?!

We believe baby Jaze has Cradle Cap (Seborrheic Dermatitis). These red bumps, accompanied by yellow and flaky/crusty skin is common in newborns so there’s really nothing to worry about. Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent cradle cap but no treatment is needed for this kind of skin rash, just time. They can last for weeks or even months on a baby’s skin.

No one knows for sure the cause behind this harmless skin condition, which tends to run in families. Some have speculated that it occurs because maternal hormones during pregnancy remain in baby’s system for some time after birth, causing the sebaceous glands in some infants’ scalps to go into overdrive. In turn, these glands produce an oil slick, which traps old skin cells on top of baby’s head and the surrounding skin, resulting in flakes and rash.

The seborrheic rash may spread to the face or buttocks. In severe cases, your child’s doctor will likely prescribe a topical cortisone cream or ointment. Jaze’s rashes might be in its last stages. Some of it are gone now and are already less visible like in her scalp and forehead.

Cradle Cap in its early stages 3 days ago (almost 1-month-old Jaze)

I didn’t have a photo of her scalp but it did have flaky bumps before the ones in her cheeks appeared.

is it cradle cap or eczema

Today (morning)


Although this might also be Infant Eczema (Atopic Dermatitis), since it is not itchy, I have ruled this out. We will consult the doctor on our next appointment should it get worse.

BTW, special thanks to Tita Malou for the onesies she gave our baby girl and Tita Ocy for personally delivering it to us. Thank you. 😊


Because of the advice of a friend, I have contacted Jaze’s pediatrician today and she said that the dry and red scaly skin on her cheeks are not normal. I was adviced to try Physiogel Dermo-Cleanser and Physiogel Al Cream.

consulting dr about baby eczema

I called hubby to buy them asap but yikes, pricey – Physiogel Dermo-Cleanser (Php 242 at Watsons) and Physiogel Al Cream (Php 719 at Watsons) ! 😲


physiogel dermo-cleanser (150ml) and al cream (50ml)

Day 1 (10 Apr 2017) of using Physiogel Dermo-cleanser and AL cream, the dry skin already started to peel off.

infant eczema after physiogel

So far, so good. It looks more like eczema now than cradle cap. It may have been eczema after all…

Day 2 (11 Apr 2017) of using Physiogel Dermo-cleanser and AL cream, most of the dry skin on her cheeks have cleared up already.


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