Vlog: Happy Anniversary Baby!!!

Happy Anniversary Baby!!! | Bebejaz Vlogs – Ep 2
This week, I tried to do a makeup tutorial (FAIL), I brought Jaze to the office and Migz & I celebrated our anniversary.

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★★⭐ Compilation of 28 May – 03 June 2017 footages ⭐★★
– Me doing a makeup look inspired by an orchid
– Migz’ first win in the lotto
– Baby Jaze in the office
– My officemates playing with Baby Jaze
– Baby Jaze cooing some more…
– #TresAntonios having dinner to celebrate our anniversary as BF/GF (we have a different date for our civil wedding)
– #TresAntonios strolling along SM by the bay amusement park

★★⭐ M E S S A G E ⭐★★

Thanks for watching our vlog! Let us know what you think and if you have questions or suggestions, please comment below (I’ll comment back). This week was really tough yet great for both Migz and I. Bringing Jaze to the office is not as easy as it looks. Thanks to Will for helping me carry Jaze’s rocker to the office which also serves as her crib while I am working. Good thing, we have survived the week. We also (low-key) celebrated our anniversary at SM MOA & SM by the bay amusement park – we really need to buy Jaze a stroller so we can stay longer next time. We hope you guys had an awesome week, too! ‘Til next time… ❤

★★⭐ F O L L O W M E ⭐★★

Jazee Llaguno-Antonio
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Jazee Llaguno-Antonio

Jazee Llaguno-Antonio

♑️ Capricorn gal married to a Sagittarian hottie 💁 Mother to a Pisces daughter 🇵🇭 Proud Filipina 💻 Freelance Web Designer / Blogger 👑 BIGBANG VIP 🏖 Beach Lover 💜 Purple Junkie 🐶 Dog Cuddler ❤️ Eligo esse Felicem

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