Vlog: Addicted to this BABY!!!

Addicted to this BABY!!! | Bebejaz Vlogs – Ep 1
10 week old baby makes cute cooing noises! Watch and hear it yourself!

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★★⭐ Compilation of 21-27 May 2017 footages ⭐★★
– Baby Jaze taking a bath
– Jaze’s Pedia visit
– Jaze’s first nail trim
– Jaze Interacts with us
– Me and Migz short clip
– Me eating while watching other Youtube Vloggers as a pastime
– Migz review Fling mini Joystick for smartphones from Lazada
– Me working at home while taking care of Baby Jaze
– closeup footages of Baby Jaze (forgive me ’cause I just can’t get enough of my baby girl!)
– Me talking to Baby Jaze and she seems to TALK (grunt/coo) BACK?!?!

★★⭐ M E S S A G E ⭐★★

Thank you for watching our first official vlog as a family. Let us know what you think and if you have questions or suggestions, please comment below (I’ll comment back). i know I haven’t spoken much in this vlog yet but in the future, I’ll talk more na. This takes a while getting used to but in time, with more practice, I will be better. I have many ideas to share with you and I hope you keep on watching. Thank guys! ❤

★★⭐ F O L L O W M E ⭐★★

Jazee Llaguno-Antonio
♑️ Capricorn married to a Sagittarius 💁 Mother to a Pisces Daughter 🇵🇭 Filipina 💻 Web Developer/Blogger/Youtuber/Vlogger 👑 BIGBANG VIP 🏖 Beach Lover 💜 Purple Junkie 🐶 Dog Cuddler ❤️

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★★⭐ FAQs ⭐★★
CAMERA ►iPhone 6S + Sony DSC-TX10
VIDEO EDITOR ► Adobe After Effects CS6 + Windows Movie Maker
MUSIC ► John Kenza – Wicked | CL – Hello Bi+ches



💋💜 I only treasure people who are worthy of my trust. Your value is equal to how you value me. 💜💋 We're so busy watching out for what's just ahead of us that we don't take time to enjoy where we are. Be in the NOW and choose to be HAPPY. ★ Eligo esse felicem ★

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Jazee Llaguno-Antonio

Jazee Llaguno-Antonio

♑️ Capricorn gal married to a Sagittarian hottie 💁 Mother to a Pisces daughter 🇵🇭 Proud Filipina 💻 Freelance Web Designer / Blogger 👑 BIGBANG VIP 🏖 Beach Lover 💜 Purple Junkie 🐶 Dog Cuddler ❤️ Eligo esse Felicem

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