There’s a story behind every photo…

I realized I have too many photos on my lappy. So before my hard drive gives up on me again, I’d like to share some personal photos that remind me of something or someone. It can be a recent pic or a very old photo. I have about 49 different folders/albums right now (and still counting) full of photos – thousands of them! haha. No wonder my lappy is acting up from time to time because of the amount of files that I have hihi!

Anyway, to start this… the photo above is from Jan 2014.

This photo shows Agatha, a good friend of mine, taking photos of food for a well-known Neo-Moroccan Restaurant in Boracay. We were taking food photos for Kasbah Boracay’s menu that afternoon. You can see she’s having fun kahit bilad siya sa araw. We took turns in taking photos of each dish that kuya was bringing out. You can see some of the photos on their website. The food looked so scrumptious that you would want to eat it as soon as you lay your eyes on ’em. As in YUM! I kid you not and the perks? Oh yes! I got to taste some of it of course! haha :)

It was really a great afternoon. I even brought my bull terrier, Chicko, out to have some beach time with us. I can still remember the sunset. We were sitting by the beach with sand on our feet… tamang chill lang.

One of the things I miss in Boracay – a very laid back afternoon just hanging out with friends or walking along the beach with my dog. Life wasn’t so stressful back then…




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