Bebejaz in Tarlac

February last year, I some spent quality time with my long time BFFs in Tarlac – Edison’s hometown (more like Ed’s going away 3-day party/reunion). HAHA He welcomed us to his renovated home with sumptuous lunch. Thank you so much Ed! We love you for this!  He showed us around the famous places in Tarlac.

My Amateur shots in Cuenca, Batangas

Sometime in February last year, I stayed at a house of a former flame. He let me borrow his Nikon D5000 SLR camera and told me to try it out. At first, I was hesitant to do it because I thought I was a newbie who only had training with my trusty Sony digicam haha!

There’s a story behind every photo…

I realized I have too many photos on my lappy. So before my hard drive gives up on me again, I’d like to share some personal photos that remind me of something or someone. It can be a recent pic or a very old photo. I have about 49 different folders/albums right now (and still

Bebejaz is here!

I created this personal blog to serve as a memoir of “Jazee” as she (me) continue to face the realities and challenges of living from the tender age of 29. Cheers to a new beginning at twenty-nine. It’s never too late.

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