Capricorn Mermaid Tattoo

Right after I had my first tattoo in July 2013, I was already thinking about getting a second one. It felt like.. Yeah, I can do whatever I want! Finally! This is freedom! — But then again, I thought, I want to cherish the first tatt I got so eventually decided to do it some other time, plus, I don’t have a design in mind yet but it has to be damn special and meaningful.

It’s no secret, I am a follower of horoscope/astrology — not that I practice it — but sometimes if I am faced with a situation where I have to decide, I check my horoscope first to see which would be more favorable and most of the time it’s right (well.. it works for me at least) ahaha! I believe most of the characteristics described online for Capricorns are true..

Capricorn Character traits

But ultimately…



After a year passed, I kept thinking of having my own zodiac tattoo. I already had “mermaid” in mind which I can easily incorporate with the zodiac sign, Capricorn (sea goat) — thus, a mermaid with horns. I had asked my brother if he can do one for me but as a busy father that he is, he didn’t have time to do it until recently (after seeing portraits on his feed) I messaged a childhood friend of mine, RV Dimayuga, and asked a favor if he can do it for me.


Originally, I wanted a sleeve tattoo. I have ideas of what the parts would look like — the details like position of the mermaid, hair, scales and horns (I have been researching for months) but I just couldn’t figure out how to mix those designs into one awesome and unique design.

I gave him these photos as an inspiration:


After some time (in less than 2 months), he posted this on his FB wall and tagged me:



I was in awe! I had a beaming smile on my face. I was so happy and I just can’t get enough of it! I kept looking at it — I LOVE IT!!! It’s one of those times that I just couldn’t contain myself. Seeing the design so beautifully made with the details that I really liked — Ahhh! EUPHORIA!

I discussed getting the Capricorn / horned mermaid tattoo with my BF, David, and immediately asked him to get a quote from his tattoo artist who does home service — Nelson Vizcarra. After we have sorted it out, I finally decided to get it that week on a Sunday. So on May 31st of 2015, I got this:

preparing for the #tattoo sesh :)

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Damn, it hurt! So bad that I cried like a baby! It was all cool when we started, but towards the end when it came to the details and highlighting, it hurt really bad! Aaaahhrgggh!

By the time it was finished (after the tears LOL), I felt so proud to have it.

I am a proud Capricorn woman! :)

Many thanks to RV and Nelson!!! Especially to my ever supportive Match, Dave! ❤




💋💜 I only treasure people who are worthy of my trust. Your value is equal to how you value me. 💜💋 We're so busy watching out for what's just ahead of us that we don't take time to enjoy where we are. Be in the NOW and choose to be HAPPY. ★ Eligo esse felicem ★

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