Shopback Chief Shopping Officer

Video: My Entry for SHOPBACK’s part-time job offer

Shopback Philippines is looking for its first Chief Shopping Officer(CSO)! The first CSO of ShopBack Philippines will be given PHP100,000 to spend for one (1) month shopping to various products on ShopBack partner online shopping sites – how awesome is that?!?! Requirements Experienced in online shopping Following the trend of online shopping in the Philippines

Kian and Rion’s Birthday Videos

I created 2 birthday videos for the birthday parties we attended last week. The first was with one of my close friend’s son & inaanak-anakan (Rion) and the other was my nephew’s (Kian). Rion celebrated his 2nd Birthday at Jollibee Annapolis-Greenhills on the 23rd of April (Sunday) while my Nephew, Kian, celebrated his 4th on

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